Now where have I seen that before?

The Nintendo Wii has a new gizmo… a “Vitality Sensor”! They made a big hullabaloo when they introduced it at the E3 Video Games Expo in Los Angeles yesterday. According to the press release, it “measures the players heart rate to determine excitement, nervousness, and even concentration.”

I’m sure all the Nintendo fans said ooooh and aaah at the correct times and then stood up and applauded.

I wasn’t impressed. Click the link and take a look for yourself: It’s a PULSE OXIMETER!

Yeah, we’ve seen those before;


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4 Responses to “Now where have I seen that before?”

  1. Christina Davis Says:

    Oh my that is funny. If it told sats I would get it to check my sons levels more!

  2. Sabrina Says:

    This is great! When my 15 month old gets older I’ll have a great trick for checking her sats!

  3. Lisa Says:

    This is great. I laughed out loud!
    Anyone who has spent time in the hospital with a heart baby/toddler should know that it really is a ‘vitality sensor’. lol

    From now on, we’ll be checking Eli’s vitality. :o)

  4. Laurel Nelson Says:

    Oh that is too funny!!! Of course it would be easy for them, since they probalby just took some oximeters from a med supply place and said “ooh look what we can do now!!!”

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