A Saint for CHD Survivors?

There is a move on to make Dr. Giancarlo Rastelli a saint! Actually he’s being considered for beatification, which is the first step toward becoming a saint.

I’m a Protestant and not exactly sure how the process works, but if there ever was a good candidate, he is one. His research at The Mayo Clinic led to two versions of The Rastelli Procedure, which closes a VSD and redirects blood flow via an artificial conduit. Dr. Rastelli passed away in 1970 at 36, much too young. And who knows what might have been if he had lived?

Saint Christopher medals are quite popular, perhaps in time a Saint Giancarlo medal will be the perfect gift for the Congenital Heart Defect Survivor that you know!

L’Amour Vince

Love Always Wins

(Written on a poster in Dr. Rastelli’s office that his patients often signed)


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One Response to “A Saint for CHD Survivors?”

  1. SONNET Says:

    Yes, He deserves to be a saint

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