There is a new report out that could be a little frightening: If a person has a Bicuspid Aortic Valve (In other words, the Aortic Valve has two flaps instead of the normal three), that person’s close relatives need to have an examination. As many as 32% of them could have an enlarged Aorta.

An enlarged Aorta could turn into an Aortic Dissection, which is a fancy term meaning that the Aorta unravels. Clemson University swimmer Amy Moxie suffered an Aortic Dissection while jogging on campus; she collapsed and died a short time later.

Enlarged Aortas do not always lead to Aortic Dissection, and I’m not one to shout gloom and doom. But both conditions are almost undetectable, you usually have to actually be looking for them to notice something. (Aortic Dissection causes sudden severe pain in the chest or back, but by that time the Aorta has already torn.) So if you think you are susceptible, why not have the medical tests done and perhaps save your own life?


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2 Responses to “GET CHECKED!”

  1. Andrea Himmelberger Says:

    OK, this is freaking me out! Drew has a bicuspid aortic valve and no one has ever mentioned that the rest of the family should be checked. Should I call his cardiologist, or make an appointment with my own primary care doc? Thank goodness for the Funky Heart keeping us up to date with the latest cardiac developments!

  2. Theresa Says:

    tanks funk heart..freaked a bit…but not surprised…will see what my sons cardiologists says

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