“Don’t get sick after June.”

That’s the very unfunny joke told on American Indian reservations, because June is when the federal money for health care runs out. And more cuts in Medicaid and Medicare could be coming.  Head Nurse shows us how that the economy affects patient care and Dr. Wes contends that health care has literally become the economy.  Add in people who like to game the system (like these folks) and the available funds are disappearing faster and faster. We’re not just talking about “fixing health care”, we’re talking about a major re-adjustment in our entire economic system.

So it’s time to stand up. Chronic Illness coverage is expensive, while “prevention” is not. Quitting smoking or drinking won’t help me a bit, I never drank and only took one puff (nearly coughed my lungs out and decided that wasn’t for me, right then and there!) I exercise and try to eat right – I don’t always succeed – and it hasn’t made my heart any better. Or cut out any of the medications I require.

Do your part to make sure Chronic Illness care isn’t forgotten.

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