Yet again

A Cardiac Kid needs our help. Funky Heart reader Amber Slatosky left a comment in a previous post that reports,

I have another person I want to bring to people’s attention- a little boy named Seraph who has undergone surgery for ToF. His first operation did not take, and so they had to do a second. They’d just gotten him off of the vent today and he had a stroke. Please pray for the family (Homann)

And that’s all we know about him. But that’s enough – he’s one of us and he’s in trouble.

2 Responses to “Yet again”

  1. Lisa Says:

    This is the third story like this I’ve heard just this week.

    Please pray for the family of “Sam”, 1 yr old. Passed away this week after a feeding tube needed due to CHD caused infection that went septic.

    Mason, 2 yrs old, recently had his Fontan surgery, infected sternal wound led to picc line antibiotics, which led to a blood clot. Massive stroke but is recovering nicely.

    Oh and little Aiden born in February just had his Glenn after lots of shunt surgery problems. They are talking about transplant.

    And Conway, 2 yr old with L-TGA. Atrial flutter and hospitalized to load up on Amiodarone.

    This is what stinks about CHD. Fine one minute, not so fine the next. You just never know what tomorrow could bring. None of us have assurance of tomorrow, but issues with the heart are just…..scary.

    Prayers for Seraph, and all~

  2. Slatosky Says:

    Looks like Seraph is not going to have any brain damage! His carepage says that the bleed looks like it will heal on its own without permanent damage. They’ll be testing his motor, visual and hearing development just in case, though.

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