Swine Flu Update: June 24

The current Swine Flu – A/H1N1 – situation can be summarized in two words:

We’re rollin’!

To say that it is all over the place is putting it mildly. Right here at home, The Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) has decided to shut down its summer camps for the season, and 25% of the Swine Flu deaths have occurred in New York State. Trinidad and Tobago have given cruise ship vacationers check-ups at the dock (and found several cases of H1N1) and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cancelled all of his meetings one day. Even the Saudi Arabians are worried, they fear that the flu will visit Mecca along with one of the faithful.

Remember when I told you that the flu would go dormant in the Northern Hemisphere as Summer began but intensify in the Southern Hemisphere? That turned out to only be partially true – it is going pretty strong in the Southern Hemisphere but it is also active in the Northern Hemisphere, well into summer. Canada’s Aboriginal populations, known as the First Nations, is taking a hard hit from the Swine Flu. Revere over at the blog Effect Measure has been studying a chart from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) that shows there have been two flu seasons this year:  The “normal” flu strains have almost all gone away, the only thing left is H1N1.

On the good side, we’ve been able to learn a few things from our first encounter with this beast. We also have a new flu tracking resource from NewsNow. This one is good, it monitors web based news sites for any reference to Swine Flu and updates every five minutes. And since it is based in the United Kingdom, NewsNow monitors sources that Americans may not be aware of. But it can generate a lot of information, so don’t let it scare you.

Getting that flu shot (if it is recommended for you) this fall will be imperative.

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