No pain like Tooth pain

I’ve done a bad thing.

I have a tooth that is giving me trouble. I have been trying to ignore it, basically because of two things. One, which almost everyone has, is an almost irrational fear of dentists. Now I am sure my dentist is a good fellow, probably a churchgoing man. Nice family man, jogger/runner who takes on the Cooper River Bridge Run every year. Probably coaches Little League baseball. But he is a DENTIST, and that word scares me.

The second reason is I have had Endocarditis, a blood infection. In short, it isn’t fun. No one knows how I got the germs that caused my bout with it, but you can get them through dental work. (I’m not saying that is how it happened) So I’ve not been to a dentist in quite a while, choosing to aggressively care for my teeth myself.

I had a tooth start hurting a couple of weeks ago – nothing big, and only when I bit down wrong. So I started being even more aggressive about the tooth care. Didn’t work, and now it is hurting good. Hurting to the point I’ve given in and am going to try to see the dentist Friday.

He is not going to be pleased. Especially since I have had Endocaridtis, I should be seeing the dentist regularly. But because I had Endo, I don’t want anything to do with them. You figure that logic out.

So posting next week could be iffy, depending on what I have to do to get this tooth fixed.

3 Responses to “No pain like Tooth pain”

  1. Casey's Mom Says:

    Good Luck! I understand why you don’t want to go…but I’m glad you are going! Bring a picture of you with your chest cut open, it will make your nice dentist feel sorry enough for you that he won’t give you a lecture!!!

  2. Kelly Says:

    I’m praying for your dental visit….fear not…the denist is more scared of a heart patient than you are of him!!!!!!!!!! And get good drugs…to add to your collection.

  3. Carolyn compton Says:

    God is with you. He takes away fear! I was cool with dentists until a filling at the age of 34! Noone told me about the needle and i started hyperventilating. I freaked the dentist out! Good luck steve!

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