More on the Tooth

My dentist normally takes Fridays off, so I had to wait until this morning to see him. Thankfully my local Primary Care Physician (PCP) was prescribed some pain medication, so I had a peaceful weekend. My Cardiologists in Atlanta also prescribed the antibiotics for my dental visit. (It is VERY IMPORTANT for certain CHD patients to take antibiotics before a dental appointment; click HERE to read the American Heart Association’s guidelines. Antibiotics before dental appointments can help you avoid Endocarditis!)

My dentist thinks that the tooth can be saved via Root Canal… Sort of scary to a Funky Heart with a fear of dentists and their power tools, but it has to be done. I have an appointment with a dentist who is a “root canal specialist” Thursday morning. It’s listed as a “consultation”, but I am hopeful that this dentist will just say something like “We may as well get started….” because I am ready for this problem to go away!

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