Our friend in Florida is in Septic Shock. I’m not going to explain what that is because it will scare you too badly. Just take my word for it, it’s BAD.

She needs some of her friends to reach across the miles, RIGHT NOW.

UPDATE 5:20 PM Eastern Time Zone:

Received an email stating that she is better. Not out of the woods, certainly, but better. Her blood pressure is up and a new Infectious Disease doctor added an antibiotic to the mix that seems to be helping. It’ll be 24-48 hours before the new antibiotic really kicks in, but the preliminary results are encouraging.


5 Responses to “RED ALERT”

  1. Eliza Says:

    Oh geez – Not good at all, esp. assuming she’s a heart patient! Much much love, luck & strong antibiotics to her!!

  2. Lisa Says:

    BTDT with my older son. Not a happy ending sort of story. :o(

  3. Lisa Says:

    That was supposed to be a sad face! : o (

  4. Melanie Palmer Says:

    My husband(CHD then transplant) is just finishing the IV antibiotics from a septic infection. Needed 10 days in hospital too. I hope it was caught early enough!!!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Heart Hugs to your friend for a speedy recovery. It is REALLY, REALLY scary – I’ve been there! Having a good ID Dr is worth it’s weight in gold – we’ll keep her in our thoughts and prayers!

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