4:00 PM

Florida Eliza is still in the hospital, but she is hanging in there and fighting the good fight. And in a procedure scheduled for 4:00 PM Eastern time today (2000 GMT), Eliza will have her Intubation tube removed and a Tracheostomy performed.

This could be a delicate procedure. Her health is fragile; she’s scared and so are her parents. Funky Heart readers, please take a few moments at 4:00 PM to send this young lady beautiful thoughts and best wishes.

UPDATE: It’s been a busy day at the hospital and Eliza’s procedure has been pushed back to at least 7:00 PM Eastern (2300 GMT).

UPDATE 2: Eliza went to the OR about 8:10 PM. (0010 GMT). Doctors are saying the procedure will take about 2 hours.

UPDATE 3: The procedure ended at about 10:40 PM (0240 GMT) and went well. There were no complications!

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