My Root Canal went great! My friends had already prepped me with all the usual root canal horror stories – you’ll have to go a dozen times and it will take 17 hours each time; it hurts so much they strap you down; and my personal favorite, they pull the side of your jaw off with a pair of rusty pliers. But the dentist said “about half an hour” and I decided to trust him, after all, he had probably done one or two of these procedures before.

There was almost no pain – the injection into my gum to deaden the area hurt a little bit, but not much – and the entire procedure took about 40 minutes. 10 to 15 minutes of that was waiting on the deadening agent to kick in before they actually began to work. So a big THANK YOU to Dr. Douglas Snowden and his team!

And if a certain nurse is reading this – and you know who you are – OOPS! 😆


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4 Responses to “Yipee!”

  1. carolyn compton Says:

    hey you are just guaging how much it hurt against heart surgery! for the rest of us I bet it was 10 on a scale of 1-10!!! you toughee!

    Hey my little boy Clarry (2 years old, normally bright and funny with tricuspid atresia-bidirectional glenn) is in hospital at the moment with influenza A and thanks to you i had no hesitation in taking him there. I have a bit of a scale of need now…if he can’t breath…ambulance…if he wont eat or drink for 12-24 hours…drive him to A&E; because when we got there i didn’t realise, but his sats were low, making him too tired to eat. when they put O2 on him, he sat up and ate. The only thing i hate is that they monitor him because they don’t know what his normal is. i am sure his cardiologist wouldn’t order all the tests he got and make him sleep with electrodes for more than a short time etc. that’s the only thing i don’t like. (I don’t mind that he makes all these new friends who want to listen to his heart, because he enjoys meeting people and they learn from him and hopefully help someone else).

    So another big educational thankyou to you Steve, all the way on the other side of the world!

    • Steve Says:

      Really – it went pretty painlessly. The only “ouch!” was the injection!

      And I am hate that Clarry is in the hospital, but I’m glad he’s getting that flu cleared up and that I could help!


  2. Cindy Says:

    Glad you root canal went off well – we were thinking of you and sending you many heart hugs and prayers!


  3. Amite Rivers Says:

    If you really want to control your dental problems in future, try rubbing common salt daily with your fingers, or just swish with a salty solution every night after brushing. Salt sucks out the water needed for the bacteria to survive, and they basically dehydrate and fall off.

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