A/H1N1 Flu Notes

This isn’t an “official” Swine Flu update, just some news links I’ve found over the last few days. The US State Department has issued a Travel Warning for China – The Chinese have instituted a quarantine for travelers who show fever or flu-like symptoms. The warning was issued because there have been reports that unaccompanied minors traveling in China have been quarantined, also. There have been more than 1300 cases of H1N1 reported in China, and the Los Angeles Times recently ran a first person account of Chinese quarantine procedures.

PalMD at White Coat Underground gives us an example of how a summer camp handled a H1N1 outbreak. Marc Siegel, writing in Slate, gives us a look at another camp… and you won’t believe how this outbreak got started.

In Great Britain, the P word doesn’t stand for Pandemic, but rather Panic… triggered by a government report and spurred on by the media.  This article’s headline implies that H1N1 is spreading at a phenomenal rate, but the third paragraph states that it’s not necessarily H1N1 – what’s spreading is Influenza-Like Illness (ILI). One may not be the other, but just reading the headline would make you think the world was ending.  Add a few dire predictions and suddenly you have people running in the streets. It’s to the point that prominent doctors are telling the Health Minister to shut up – ‘It’s almost like he’s been preparing for this pandemic flu for so long he wants it to be fulfilled.’

My crystal ball is cracked, so I can’t make any prediction on what H1N1 will do. But a full scale panic won’t help. This is a situation in which cooler heads need to prevail.


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One Response to “A/H1N1 Flu Notes”

  1. Carolyn compton Says:

    Thanks 4 the update. Clarry has confirmed h1n1. We are in the blue mountains west of sydney. Isolated i would have thought. He,s still in hospital but he,s doing well. I heard about the swine flu from you first. It actually started with high temp. Then vomiting and diarrhea. Nose mucous came next. then he wanted to sleep all the time and be held. Poor thing. He,s on the mend now.

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