Gracie’s Theme

Gracie Gledhill had to fight from the moment she got here. Born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS), Gracie had the first stage of the Norwood Procedure at four days old. She never received the second operation, the Bi-Directional Glenn Shunt, because her doctors felt that she was too sick for the operation. Finding a transplantable heart became her only option. (For those who would like to know, all three surgeries to repair an HLHS heart are very well described in the HLHS link)

GracieĀ  fought and scratched, tooth and nail, never giving up. And finally it looked like she was about to win: the call came, a donor heart had been found, and Gracie was the lucky recipient.

Not so lucky… the new heart was itself damaged, the left ventricle barely functional. Gracie fought, her doctors fought, people worldwide (including Funky Heart readers) prayed, but in the end, Gracie slipped away – not quite one year old.

Fellow Heart Warrior Paul Cardall had become friends with the Gledhill family and introduced his new instrumental Gracie’s Theme at her funeral. Paul has honored Gracie again, by assembling a short video of her life with Gracie’s Theme as the background music.

“I dedicate this video to every family who has lost a child.” – Paul Cardall

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One Response to “Gracie’s Theme”

  1. Nancy Brown Says:

    This touched me beyond what I can express in words. As a mother who lost her first child, stillborn at 36 weeks, and who subsequently had three other children, two who have congenital heart defects, I cannot express the gratitude I have for those that take the time to shed light on the journey that we walk, one so difficult and sometimes misunderstood. God bless Gracie and her devoted and loving family, and all those who’ve lost a child, as well as those facing the challenges of a child with a chronic illness. And lastly, God Bless Paul Cardall and his family. I’ve been touched by your life’s journey and your work as a musician. Thank you, Funky Heart, for sharing this.
    Nancy Brown
    Hudson, NH
    Mom to:
    Kali Alyssa born still on 4/12/96
    Cody Matthew born 3/16/97 (sinus venosus ASD, PAPVD, mild/moderate stenosis of the SVC)
    Tyler Michael born 4/1/99 (primum ASD, cleft mitral valve, severe MR)
    Alana Noelle born 12/19/00 (heart healthy!)

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