Patients for a Moment: The Fifth Edition

Welcome to the Fifth Edition of Patients for a Moment, the Blog Carnival for, by, and about the most overlooked participant in medicine – the patient. If you enjoy the Doctor’s blog carnival, Grand Rounds, or Change of Shift (Which highlights the Nursing field) read on and see things from our point of view for just a little while.

Laurie Edwards has taken a day or so away from A Chronic Dose to take a “working vacation” – a phrase that usually means “Same life, different zip code” – but now she’s back and has been contemplating Illness vs Disability. What defines these two states? Can you be one, but not the other?

Liz Schau of Dear Thyroid is less-than-impressed with her “roommate”, the unwelcome guest in her life in her essay Oh, dear thyroid, can’t we please gland along? Like the unwanted house guest, it just won’t go away… and like fish and relatives, it begins to stink after three days!

Rachel B. of Rachel’s Diabetes Tales has recently come to understand that Owning My Expertise also means using it – for the good of others. Chronic Illness bloggers are strong advocates for living our lives with (or in spite of) our individual circumstances. If we can help someone else understand our lives, the road gets a little easier for those who come after us.

Someone asked Kairol Rosenthal of Everything Changes What’s so funny about Cancer? Ummm… Kairol, I’m glad this is your question! Suddenly I’m out of my depth. Somehow, I just don’t think this subject is a laugh a minute…

In the midst of her battle with chronic pain, Barbara Kivowitz of In Sickness and In Health finds solace in a familiar Anthem. Music can instantly transport you to another time and place: Whenever I hear a certain 1980’s tune I am back in college; a few years before the heart operation that almost killed me. No pacemaker, no stroke, no chest infection, one pill a day. I want to tell my younger self, Slow down, man; enjoy it. These are the days that dreams are made of.

Duncan Cross asks “How’d she die?” in reaction to some of the “misinformation” *cough*bullcrap*cough* being spread about the Federal Health Care Proposal. Instead of avoiding the subject of death – or lying about it – we need to talk it out and make some important decisions. This ain’t no dress rehearsal, friends.

Leslie Rott of Getting Closer to Myself has been pegged with the 710 tag and it won’t go away. Everyone Wants To Be A 10, But No One Wants To Be A 710 is the story of how she is slowing turning herself back into a 10. Go forth and read; she’ll be happy to explain.

A reader thinks that Aviva of Sick Momma doth complaineth too much, so she asks To Whine Or Not to Whine? That Is The Question. It’s my experience that the big things never bother you – the little, everyday crap that you have to do over and over and over again is what drives you nuts!

Selena Kerrbs Inouye of  Oh My Aches And Pains! sends her account of delayed-reaction Survivor’s Guilt in My Routine: Working on Letting Go of Some Old Routines. Beating Survivor’s Guilt is a hard road, but Selena is taking it one step at a time.

Lisa, author of All That and a Box of Rocks, sends us Back to School (with Patients). Like moms everywhere, Lisa is beginning to think about sending her young son to school this fall. But this isn’t your ordinary school age child… and Lisa isn’t an ordinary mother.

Evan Falchuk of the See First Blog offers his take on denial (not the one near the Sphinx and the pyramids) in Denying Illness. Have a problem, fix the problem… seems logical enough, but fear can make you avoid the issue.

Barbara Olson of Florence dot com has already read Leslie Rott’s Patients for a Moment submission and comments on her own frustrating encounter with the health care system in It’s all in the Numbers. Barbara never sat on the examining table and never disrobed, yet was diagnosed with TWO medical conditions. Once again, we’re reduced to a series of billing numbers. My name is Steve, remember that. I am not 746.1 (Tricuspid Atresia, Congenital)

Your humble host, Steve of Adventures of a Funky Heart!, reaches back in time to highlight an unsung hero in Thirteen lights. He was just an ordinary man in an ordinary job; he probably had no idea how many lives he changed.

And with that, Patients for a Moment: The Fifth Edition comes to a close. Thank you so much for dropping by! Kim, the Head Nurse of Emergiblog will be your host next time; the deadline for submissions to her blog is August 23rd!


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11 Responses to “Patients for a Moment: The Fifth Edition”

  1. Barbara Olson Says:

    Nice job, Steve! I’ll enjoy digging into the submissions today. I need a good reality check to remind me what things are really like for patients. (Spent a sad evening watching a gaggle of angry–but satisfied with their healthcare–would-be patients on cable news last night.) When I get time to write, the word of the day is going to be: Unsustainable.

    Thanks again for including Flo & Bo!

  2. Lisa Says:

    Very nice set up Steve. You’ve highlighted everyone so well. I can’t wait to make my way through the list today.

    Thanks for hosting!

  3. New “Patients for a Moment” is Up « See First Blog Says:

    […] The 5th edition of the health blogosphere’s most interesting new carnival, Patients for a Moment, is up at Adventures of a Funky Heart. […]

  4. laurie edwards Says:

    Great job! Thanks so much for including my post. I look forward to reading through these, and getting to know a few bloggers new to me. I also really like the intro you gave each post–a lot of effort and so worth it!

  5. Barbara K. Says:

    It’s wonderful to hear all these voices. Great job! Thanks for including my post.

  6. Patients for a Moment: the Fifth Edition « DUNCAN CROSS Says:

    […] Steve at Adventures of a Funky Heart has posted the fifth edition of Patients for a Moment. […]

  7. Rachel Says:

    Thanks for including my submission! Great insight from you on everyone’s posts, too!

  8. Aviva Says:

    Great roundup, Steve! Thanks so much for including me, even if I am a whiner. 😉

    And thanks so much for hosting. As others have mentioned, I think you did a great job at introducing each contribution. Can’t wait to get them all read!

  9. Selena Says:

    Hi Steve!

    First, let me say great job and great write-up for the 5th Edition of the Patients for a Moment blog carnival.

    Second, I am excited to read all your selections and discover bloggers new to me.

    Third, I am so honored that you included ME in the carnival—my very first one. 🙂

    And finally, yes I agree: Heart Warriors and ChronicBabes think along the same lines! (I would never had known I was a ChronicBabe if it weren’t for Jenni Prokopy at, by the way.)

  10. greenwords Says:

    Hadn’t heard of this new carnival until I saw it mentioned over at ‘In Sickness and In Health’ this morning. Great to hear more patient voices, and a great collection of posts!

  11. Kairol Rosenthal Says:

    Really great collection of posts. Thanks for hosting Steve.



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