The CHD Calendar!

Saving Little Hearts is gathering photos of Cardiac Kids and Heart Warriors for their 2010 calendar! If you’ve never heard of them, Saving Little Hearts is a CHD Support group based in Knoxville, Tennessee. One of their better known activities is providing a Surgery Care Package to the families of children having heart surgery!

The recent CHD Symposium at Duke Medical was sponsored in part by Saving Little Hearts, so I’ve had the chance to meet their members and the group’s leaders; they’re all good people.

Submitting a photo for the calendar is easy – you can upload it to their website! It has to be smaller than 4 Megabytes, that seems to be the only limit. Once you have uploaded it, make sure you read the Terms of Service, and then click “Submit Photo.” You’re done!

If you would like to order a 2010 calendar, now’s the time. If you order before all the photos are in and the inside pages are laid out, it will cost you US $15, plus shipping. You can pay online by using PayPal. But if you wait until the final version is ready to go to the printers, the price goes up to US $20 plus shipping. So it pays to get in early! You can purchase a calendar by clicking this link!

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