Funky Heart heading for the Operating Room?

It might be time.

For years my hernia rarely bothered me, then it started getting out of line. Still, I put it off. My Cardiologist reminded me of my low blood oxygenation and told me that as long as I could deal with it, he wasn’t really in favor of me heading for surgery. I would have to be monitored pretty closely, and this was not a job for a community hospital – or a casual surgical team who saw me as Hernia Operation #47,632.

That was fine with me. It was livable, and I’m not really thrilled with the idea of another operation either. So I did what I needed to do to work around it, and on the few times that it really caused problems, I learned how to pop a pain pill, grit my teeth, and just grin and bear it.

But right now my hernia is angry at me – VERY angry. I’m spending a good portion of time lying in the bed or on the couch, trying to get it to calm down, and it is interfering with my daily activities.  I even know when this all started – on the day I was scheduled to leave for Durham, my hernia said, “It is a beautiful Friday morning, perfect for lying here on the couch. Let’s not do anything today!” But I told it no, that wasn’t the plan. Rather that lying around wasting the day away, we had a train to catch.

And it has been angry at me ever since. It didn’t give me much peace that Friday, and it misbehaved a lot on Saturday – enough so that I left the Symposium early to go back to the hotel and rest. This hernia caused me to miss out on the Ice Cream Social (time I could have spent meeting the Cardiac Kids and talking individually with their parents… and eating a wheelbarrow full of Ice Cream!) and it also caused me to miss the group’s planned trip to the baseball game.

So I have called my Cardiologist’s office and told them that when I am in town for my regular checkup next week, we should seriously discuss that consult with the surgeons that we have talked about. It could very well be time to get this problem fixed.

This decision isn’t final; I am very hopeful the hernia is looking over my shoulder, reading this as I type, and has realized that if it keeps misbehaving it is going to be “snatched up” and taken to the woodshed. I am not thrilled with the prospect of  more surgery of any kind. I’d like nothing better than to go to Atlanta and tell my Cardiologist that the hernia has calmed down, it must have just been one of those things, and perhaps we don’t need to talk to the Emory Sewing Circle after all.

Asking for a surgical consult and then cancelling it would be embarassing, but I’d  live with it!

UPDATE: I wrote the main part of this entry a couple of days ago. There has been some good news, the hernia seems to have calmed down! I spoke to my Cardiologist’s office and mentioned to them that things were looking up. I think it was just in a mood, but I’ll still discuss it with the doctor.

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