Georgia on my mind

Just an old sweet song, keeps Georgia on my mind.Ray Charles

I’m in Atlanta for a checkup with my Adult Congenital Cardiologist. I’m scheduled to get an electrocardogram, bloodwork, a pacemaker check, AND the doctor’s appointment… the Four Star Service Special! I wouldn’t be surprised if they checked my points and plugs and rotated my tires! Seriously, if you are visiting the hospital or one of the clinics from out of town, Emory is good about getting everything scheduled for the same day.

You find friends in the most unusual places. Whenever we’re driving to Atlanta, we’ll stop at the Georgia Welcome Center to make reservations for the night. We have a couple of favorite hotels in the area, and if they are booked, it’s easier to find out before you get there and need a place to stay.

When I walked into the Welcome Center one of the employees was restocking a brochure counter. “May I help you?” she said before she looked up. When she saw me she smiled in recognition.

“Hi!” Before I knew it she was hugging me. “Good to see you! Heading back to the doctor?”

It was just like running into an old friend. We talked for a few moments before I made my hotel reservation; by then another worker had come out of the back. He greeted me too! “How are you doing? You look good!”

It was really quite amazing – working at the Welcome Center, these two probably see a couple of hundred different tourists every day, but they remembered me, and even remembered which hotels I usually stayed at. So if you’re in South Carolina traveling on Interstate 20 West, stop by the Georgia Welcome Center and say hello to George and Maggie. They will be glad to see you!


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