The 50,000 mile tune up!

Things went great at my Adult Congenital Heart Defect examination at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta – they were very through. Pacemaker check, Echocardiogram, bloodwork, finger stick to check my anticoagulation (bloodthinner) level, and the Cardiology exam. Five different doctors were in the room with me, discussing my health at one point!

I’m doing well, my Cardiovascular system is “balanced.” The Echocardiogram shows no major changes from my last one – nothing different or alarming. My Mitral Valve has a small leak and my liver is slightly swollen; but I’ve had both of those problems for years. That’s pretty much my version of normal; the Cardiologist I’ve seen for 21 years didn’t even raise an eyebrow. The only “bad news” I got was that my pacemaker battery would probably need to be replaced in 16 to 21 months.

So I guess you’re just going to have to get used to having me around – I’m not going anywhere!

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3 Responses to “The 50,000 mile tune up!”

  1. Christina Says:


    Yea for a good report! I am glad things are looking “normal” for you 🙂

    Hugs & Prayers,
    Heart Momma to Jacob

  2. Lisa@ All That and a Box of Rocks Says:

    Awesome news! Always good to have a Funky Heart around…. lol

  3. carolyn compton Says:

    Thank God! Where am I going to get such good reading otherwise??!! I am only joking! that’s great, mate!

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