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Insureblog has an analysis of a U.S. News and World Report article about the pending health care legislation, HR 3200. It’s scary. Reading the U.S. News article, we learn that health care “reform” isn’t reform… it’s almost a tax. The cost of insurance for a 25 year old healthy man, for example, can be purchased now for US $500 to US $600 per year. Under the new plan, his premium is going to be closer to US $4,000 per year.

Holy cow.

Insureblog looks at the problem from a different angle: “Health care for all” includes insuring those of us with pre-existing conditions and not dropping us when we get sick. Don’t be fooled – that’s going to be expensive. Think double premiums, and that is just a start , Insureblog reports.

But we aren’t talking about that – everything else is, trying to distract us from a basic fact. Rather than trying to demonize doctors, we need to stop and think about something that is very important: The United States is broke.

This is crazy. Did the Administration and the members of Congress seriously think that they could insure everyone in the country and it would cost less than what is being paid now? What planet does that happen on?

Spending > Income = GAME OVER. Think about that for a while.

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