IMPORTANT: Check those batteries!

Ironic in the light of my posting a photo of my old pacemaker (and the fact that we have information on new pacemaker technology, which you’ll see in a day or so) but Medtronic is issuing a warning about the batteries in some of its Implantable Defibrillation Devices (ICDs).

Some of Medtronic’s Concerto and Virtuoso devices built in 2006 may have a problem that causes the battery to drain faster than originally thought. The devices WILL NOT suddenly stop working… but they will need changing earlier than expected. Doctors have been warned in a letter from the company, and you can click a link in the letter to check your unit’s serial number against a list of possibly affected ICDs. They are programmed to give a three month “I’m getting low!” signal to an implantable device monitor, so there shouldn’t be any problem with scheduling a replacement when the time comes.

Check that link if you have one of the affected models!

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