The voice of the Gamecocks

This post has absolutely nothing to do with the heart – it’s here because I thought it was a cool story, I’m a fan of the person I am going to write about, and… well, it’s my blog, after all. I can write what I want! πŸ™‚

For forty three years, radio announcer Bob Fulton broadcast University of South Carolina sporting events. Even when things weren’t going well (and it seemed they usually weren’t!) “The Voice of the Gamecocks” used his baritone voice to shoehorn the entire state into Williams-Brice Stadium. Many a time on a late Saturday night during a close game, I’d be up way past my bedtime listening to Bob and hoping Carolina could somehow pull this one out!

When he retired in 1995, Fulton intended not to broadcast again. He’d been doing this all his life, it was time to enjoy retirement. And that is exactly what he did – until a few weeks ago.

Fulton injured himself in a fall recently, bad enough that he entered a rehab facility. His roommate, he discovered was an old college classmate of current South Carolina Football Coach Steve Spurrier… and nearly blind.

So when last week’s broadcast of the South Carolina – North Carolina State football game began, Fulton naturally began to do the play by play for his new friend. It didn’t take long for Fulton’s old skills to come back, and by the second quarter the hospital room sounded like the broadcast booth that Fulton used to occupy at Williams-Brice. Fulton’s voice carried into the hall, and before long patients and staff were crowded around the door, listening… and probably remembering bygone days of crisp fall afternoons and a familiar voice pouring out of the radio. Fulton even did the play by play for the Clemson-Georgia Tech game later that week.

β€œIt made me feel young again. It really did,” Fulton said. Bob, you are welcome back behind the microphone anytime!

A lifelong fan;


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2 Responses to “The voice of the Gamecocks”

  1. Kerri Says:

    Go Cocks! Great story, Steve!

  2. Lisa E Says:

    As a child growing up listening to Bob and then as a college student, and graduate student of USC, it makes me smile to have been a part of his audience.

    Thanks for the story Steve!

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