That’s not what it was designed for!

Another gem from the blog of Cardiac Electrophysiologist Dr. Wes: We all know that an Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator (ICD) is a lifesaver…it monitors your heartbeat and when it detects a dangerous arrhythmia, it sends an electrical shock to “kick-start” the heart back into its correct rhythm.

Or you can use it to stop a bullet!

A 61 year old man was on the receiving end of gunfire – not a good place to be! – but luckily for him, the bullet impacted his ICD. Click the “stop a bullet” link; Dr. Wes has a photograph of the heroic (but dented) Defibrillator.

The good people of Medtronic, who made this particular unit, would like to remind you that their ICDs are not designed to be bulletproof. For continued good health, they recommend that you avoid situations in which people are shooting at you!

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