Don’t bury your heart

Here’s a Letter to the Editor published in the October 7 edition of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that you really need to read: My son waits, while hearts are buried.

Here’s an excerpt:

My son, Shannon Leach, is one of the 37 people in Georgia and 2,898 in the United States who is awaiting a heart transplant. Doctors at Emory University Hospital put him on the transplant list in February of this year after four hospital visits for heart failure…We are using every opportunity to let people know of the great need for donors and how easy it is to become one. People are dying every day just because there are perfectly good organs being buried in the ground!

It’s a powerful letter, please read it. And once you’ve read it, you can go over to Shannon’s page at the Georgia Transplant Portal or join his Facebook group.

But the most important thing you can do is to make the decision to be an Organ Donor. The Funky Heart is an Organ Donor… yes, they couldn’t use my heart, but I’ve got eyes, kidneys, blood vessels, and a lot of other organs in reasonably good shape. If you really want it, I’ll even let you have this hernia that keeps bugging me!

Not many people get the opportunity to be a hero. Here’s your chance – donate your organs!


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One Response to “Don’t bury your heart”

  1. Lisa@ All That and a Box of Rocks Says:

    Wow. I can’t help but get choked up reading this. My prayer is that I am not in her position 24 years from now when Eli is 28. God help us.

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