Update 1, 9:47 PM Eastern (0248 GMT): New Email: Florida Eliza is in the Operating Room. Surgeon has the Transplant Team assembled and are ready to go. If the donor heart and lung are not compatible, the transplant will not proceed… and we won’t know for about 3 hours. Until then, we wait.

While we are pulling for our Heroine, please keep the Donor family in your thoughts. They have just lost a loved one.

Update 2, 10:58 PM Eastern (0358 GMT): New Email just in: The transplant has been called off. There was a problem with the lung and the Transplant Team decided that it wasn’t worth the risk.

All is not lost; the heart is perfectly fine. Someone will receive it tonight and hopefully be able to resume their life soon. (Florida Eliza can’t accept the heart and get the lung later, she has to wait for a matched set.)

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