No Fair? No fair!

I’ve decided not to go to the South Carolina State Fair this year. I hate having to do that, but with H1N1, no vaccine available just yet, and an average annual attendance of 500,000…. it’s just a bit too risky for me. But the point was driven home today – I learned that a nearby school is going to be closed down for a while because 20% of the students have some form of respiratory illness. I know people in the school and go to church with some of them. That’s striking too close to home!

The fair is always fun and I hate that I will certainly miss it. One year my brother and I went to the State Fair and found a game that we could win: Throw a dime at a huge display of glassware, and if the dime landed in a glass or stopped on a plate, you won it! We went home with 30 pieces of glassware (none of which matched!) and my mom had this priceless “What in the world?” look on her face. But she managed to find cabinet space for everything!

Even today, almost twenty years later, I’ll glance down at a plate or serving tray and realize it is one of the items we won. I used a Yosemite Sam glass from that “collection” for years; and it was my favorite glass… until the sad day when I dropped my Yosemite Sam glass!!!

If you think I was upset, you should have seen Sam. He was all broken up over it! 🙂

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