He’s Living for Eden

First, Paul Cardall is a very talented musician. He can literally make a keyboard do things it was never designed to do, and it all looks effortless and sounds wonderful. But I wonder if he didn’t miss his true calling.

Paul was asked to speak to the organizers of the Children’s Miracle Network (Yeah, the people who organize the telethon every year!) and the text of his presentation is on his blog Living for Eden. Paul hit a home run… no, he hit a Reggie Jackson home run: He tore the cover off the ball; knocked it out of the park!

…I witnessed first hand these kids, these cute little kids in their hospital gowns with IVs, teddy bears, and nurses pulling them around in their wagons to x-ray at 6am each morning. I was deeply affected by the amount of ill children who I saw fighting for their lives...However, in my own experience I could not think of a better place and a kinder group of folks who selflessly serve and accommodate families without much public recognition.

I’m sending you over to Paul’s place to read his speech, and you won’t be disappointed.

I promise;


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