Trouble! Oh we got trouble! Right here in River City! – The Music Man

I don’t know if this was filmed in River City, but someone certainly does have Trouble (with a capital T!). Here’s a scan from EchoJournal, the online database of unusual ultrasound findings: This is a “apical TTE” – a TTE is a TransThoracic Echocardiogram, a test in which a small ultrasound scanner is pressed against your chest. “Apical” means the scanner head is located near the apex of the heart – the “point” located right at the bottom.

Right Ventricle pressures are usually relatively low. After all, the Right Ventricle sends blood to the lungs and back, so there is no need for a high pressure flow. But as this TTE shows, the pressure in this Right Ventricle is pretty high. The pressure is so high that the Ventricular Septum (the wall between the two lower chambers of the heart) actually bends into the Left Ventricle with each beat.

The readout screen also shows that the heart is beating 221 Beats Per Minute, so that Septum is bending a lot.

Trouble with a capital T, that rhymes with P, and that stands for pressure!


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