Back in the High Life!

I’ll be back in the high life again…Back in the High Life, Steve Winwood

I’ve been so busy lately that I have not had time to make a submission to Duncan Cross’ Blog Carnival, Patients for a Moment, but I finally cleared things enough to submit “Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics.” And it was accepted!

Patients for a Moment is the only Blog Carnival centered on the patient experience, and some of the most prominent Chronic Illness bloggers are featured there. Go on over to Duncan’s website for some good reading!

One Response to “Back in the High Life!”

  1. carolyn compton Says:

    Hey, thought you’d like to hear this story. I went to the gym the other day and the instructor was a lady from my mother’s group that only came once or twice. I went up to her to say g’day, when I remembered something special about her that she told me because one of my twins was having heart surgery. She told me about her heart journey at that time and now she is a gym instructor! You can’t keep some people down!

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