“I tend not to believe people; they lie. The evidence never lies.”  – Gil Grissom

According to the old saying, Crime does not pay. Here’s a good example: Two bodies were dumped in a Forest Preserve in Indiana. No witnesses, and very little evidence. Yet police were able to identify one victim through information provided by his pacemaker.

That pacemaker, you see, has a serial number encoded into its memory. The pacer was scanned by a monitoring device (the same one your pacemaker lab has in their office!) and everything the police needed to know was on the printout. The serial number was matched to the master list of pacemakers maintained by the manufacturer, and that was matched with the owner’s name and address. It’s the system they use to contact you if those pacemakers are suddenly recalled. Also on the pacemaker was information related to its job of keeping the heart in rhythm. Analyzing the data gave them the exact moment the victim’s heart stopped beating, down to the second.

And hopefully that pacemaker information can be used to send a killer to jail.

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