Boy, I bet some of my close friends just fell out of their chairs. Clemson University (Home of the Tigers) are the arch-rivals of the team I support, the University of South Carolina. But it is only fair to give credit where credit is due: Clemson is going to be the home of a new research facility that will develop a center for Tissue Regeneration. Researchers from the University of South Carolina and the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) will collaborate. The University has also landed a grant to study reconstructive breast surgery – using artificial tissue that is resistant to cancer!  Hopefully when that breast cancer raises its head for the second time, this new tissue will slap it right down!

Clemson’s Department of Bioengineering began in 1963 and has provided the building blocks for engineered knees, hips, tissue, and hearts. From what I understand (and I do not understand this science very well at all!) they take small samples of real tissue and grow it in a controlled environment. They can use artificial tissue as a “framework” to make it grow into a certain shape and/or enhance the growth rate in some fashion.

Perhaps the day will come when our weak hearts will contain a patch of bioengineered tissue that would make it strong again. And if that were my heart, I wouldn’t mind one bit if that patch had a little Tiger Paw logo on it somewhere!

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    […] for heart surgery, especially in CHDers. But through the use of artificial heart tissue (like the tissues that are being developed at Clemson University) and Stem Cells, I think Cardiac repair will be a lot different twenty years from […]

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