Mark and the Cardiac Kids!

“How long has it been since you posted those cool videos?” a friend asked me. “You ought to post them again. When you showed them the first time there were about five people reading Funky Heart. You’ve got lots of new readers since then.”

She could be right… I can’t recall when I posted them. And trust me, if you’re having a bad day, this will cheer you up. And another video will follow on Friday!

Put on your headphones and turn the volume UP; here is Mark O’Shea and the staff of the Pediatric Cardiology department of Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital with the song, Look at You Now!.


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2 Responses to “Mark and the Cardiac Kids!”

  1. Lisa@ All That and a Box of Rocks Says:

    I love this video! I love the song, but I also like seeing people and places at Vanderbilt and remembering our time there for Eli’s second opinion. Brings back memories! (Like his remote control car echoing through the main lobby while we waited for his MRI appt…..)

  2. Traci Says:

    Hey Steve,
    I love this video!! Thanks for sharing them again it made my day!!

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