We Missed It!

Golly darn gee whiz! We missed it!

The Funky Heart missed out on all the festivities associated with World Heart Day, which was September 27, 2009! What was I doing on September 27th? Ha’ mercy, I can’t remember… were we supposed to exchange gifts?

What’s that? Sorry folks, I hate to get you all excited, but CHDers aren’t really invited to World Heart Day. It’s for those other guys – Acquired Heart Disease and Stroke. Bummer!

But that’s OK. You can have World Heart Day. We’ll stake a claim to November 29th, the anniversary of the first Blalock-Taussig shunt (which predated your bypass operations, by the way) and we’ll celebrate then.

So when you talk about rebuilding your life after heart surgery, we’ll show you child after child who have been fighting Heart Defects from the moment they were born. We’ll introduce you to their parents, who are willing to ask one more question, go one more mile, and explore one more option in an effort to give  their child the best chance to live.

We shall “strip our sleeve and show our scars” – a lot of us have more than one. And we’ll see to it that you meet some of our adults, people who may have fragile bodies but also have an iron will, who never give up and never give in.

We’re only a few, a band of brothers and sisters who fight a common enemy. And we count anyone who fights Heart Defects – Patient, Parent, Doctor, Nurse, Surgeon, Friend – as one of us.

We remember, with advantages, the battles that we  have fought and the warriors who have fallen. Because our story is a story of perseverance, of hope, of determination, and courage.

And that is a story that a good man will teach his son.


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4 Responses to “We Missed It!”

  1. Rhonda Lyle Says:

    In the words of my 7 year old daughter….”YOU ROCK FUNKYHEART”! …Thanks for all you do to stand up for our kids…and yourself of course..

    Rhonda ~

  2. Stefenie Jacks Says:

    Well said!! Thank you for being a voice for our kids! They need it!


  3. Astrid Says:

    So what is that world heart day all about that excludes CHDers? Is it about eating healthy, exercising and not smoking for a day in the name of awareness, as if that one day will suddenly decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease by 90%?

    • Steve Says:

      That’s a good question! All those aims are admirable – but Congenital Heart Defects (CHDs) affect 1 in every 125 people. In the US alone, that’s roughly two million people (2,000,000). And if there is any information concerning CHDs on the World Heart Day website, it is buried pretty deeply.

      Heart Defects are often overlooked, because often we are invisible. So CHDers need to stand up for ourselves.

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