The Talk

My friend (see the post “Won’t back down”) has arrived at the Mayo Clinic and her surgery is scheduled for November 18.

I’m sure she and her husband have had THE TALK.

Anytime you face any type of surgery you need to have The Talk. This is supposed to be pretty routine, the proverbial Walk in the Park, but there is always a chance that something just might not work out.

If you read Adventures of a Funky Heart! with any regularity, you know that I am very optimistic. My glass is usually half full. But still – this is heart surgery we’re talking about, and things could happen.

So every now and again – before a major procedure is a good time – you need to think about “What if…?” and make some decisions about should happen if the worst were to occur. No, you are not being fatalistic and you don’t have a bad attitude. You’re facing reality.

A smart patient will consider every outcome – good or bad –  and plan for it.

With best wishes to my friend, and to you and yours;


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One Response to “The Talk”

  1. RHONDA LYLE Says:

    You are so right Funky Heart!! I work for a Probate Attorney and we work on Estates all the time for people who never imagined the unthinkable. So remind your readers matter how young, old, or healthy they are, we are not promised tommorow, so it is not negative to plan ahead. Get you Will made, get your Living Will made and even Power of Attorneys.. and keep them for some day when you need them. I know even working with this I myself never expected to have to have something like this in place at my young age, then at the birth of our son, I almost died. Praise God I didn’t ….but I was diagnosed with a severe Blood Clot disorder..Who would have thought…you go into the hospital to have a baby and you about leave the world…..So on a more positive note…don’t plan ahead because you think your going to check out ..Plan ahead because its smart and Plan on Living and have peace that if that someday comes…you will be prepared!!

    Rhonda ~

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