A helpful book!

Every now and again I will mention this book, because I think it is so useful and important. I own a copy, but I am not affiliated with the publisher. I’m not earning anything if you choose to purchase this book.

A book that I highly recommend for any heart family is The Illustrated Field Guide to Congenital Heart Disease and Repair. This book is a great guide to Congenital Heart Defects – the book lists 35 seperate defects – and the operations used to correct them. There are also chapters on Echocardiograms, Electrophysiology, common cardiac drugs, and catherizations.

There is a little bit of Doctor-Talk in the text – an experienced patient or heart parent won’t have any difficulty with the terminology, but someone entering the CHD world for the first time may have a little bit of trouble understanding it. This really isn’t a problem, since there are many diagrams – you can see what you may not be able to read!

There are two versions: The pocket sized version is 4 inches by 7.5 inches, small enough to slip into a purse. It’s a little big for your pocket, but a man could carry it between their belt and the small of their back. A wire binding allows the book to lay flat on a table.

The larger version (7 inches by 10.5 inches) has a little bit different content that the smaller version. The Large format contains a section of “abandoned” heart surgeries – the Classic Glenn Shunt and the Waterston Shunt are two examples. Other than that, the two books have the same content.It also has a wire binding.

You can purchase the Guide here. Both versions are available, but do not let the need for a purchase order scare you (or the $200 minimum order for a purchase order, either!) This company sells a lot of items to doctors offices and hospitals, situations where a purchase order is needed. But they also sell retail, and have no problem sending you one copy of anything. Apparently they recognize the fact that there are a lot of non medical people who need information about Heart Defects. (Good for them!)

They also sell The Illustrated Guide to Adult Congenital Heart Disease. A friend tells me this book is very informative, but I have never seen a copy, so I can’t recommend it.

But I have used the CHD Guide, and I highly recommend that book!

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2 Responses to “A helpful book!”

  1. Tim Mangum Says:


    Has the book, Balancing Your Life with Congenital Heart Disease, been published yet? Only time I have seen it has been via your link on this site.

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