4:52 PM Eastern US Time: Just received a one line email – misspelled, no capitalization, obviously written in a hurry: Florida Eliza is CODING.  Keep this young lady in your thoughts, she needs your prayers right now.

7:48 PM Eastern US Time: Still no news, waiting to learn more.

8:57 PM Eastern US Time: Email: Eliza “Not considered stable but she is holding her own.” Your prayers are still needed – it looks like it is going to be a long night.

10:32 PM Eastern US Time: Nothing new. I’ll be heading to bed soon but will update as soon as possible.

Saturday, December 12:

6:18 AM Eastern US Time: No real news. One of Eliza’s friends is heading to the hospital in just a few moments (drive of 1 hour or more from their home) and hopefully we will know more later today.

11:56 AM Eastern US Time: Still no news.

12:13 PM Eastern US Time: Email: Eliza is currently on a ventilator but her blood gasses have almost returned to normal. There is very little bleeding and her heart is reacting well!

This young lady has really scared us over the past 24 hours – all the more reason to continue to pray for a compatable heart and lung to become available for her!

7:57 PM Eastern US Time: There hasn’t been any new for a while, so let’s consider this update closed. Of course, I’ll update again if anything happens.


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