Another Reason to have a Medication Chart

It never fails – it seems I find more information about a subject after I write a Funky Heart! post. As an example, here’s an item from KevinMD about medication mistakes in hospitals:

Hospitalized patients were often clueless when asked about their medications, with almost all of them unable to name all their medications…

Interesting! You know, if there was a way that could make keeping track of your medications simpler… some kind of medication chart, perhaps….?

The majority of the participants, 81%, said seeing a hospital medication list would improve their satisfaction with the care they received; however, only 28% reported that they saw such a list.

So, why do we have to wait for the hospital to provide the medication chart? If you’re using the drug chart available in yesterday’s post (Becoming a Heart Warrior, Part II) you’ve already got a medication chart. Just add or subtract to it as needed.

In olden days whenever you went to a doctor for the first time you had to fill out the Initial Visit Paperwork – now it seems like you have to fill out a new form every time you go. 99.9986% of the time, the form asks what medications you are taking.

I take so many that it would take all day to fill out that section of the form! And have you ever noticed that the section of the form where you write down your meds is ridiculously small? There’s no way I can get all my medications and the dosages in that tiny box!

Now, I just write three words: See medication chart. And when I hand the form back to the receptionist, I just give her my medication chart to photocopy.

And I’m done; now I  can settle down and read those eight month old magazines.


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One Response to “Another Reason to have a Medication Chart”

  1. Tina Says:

    This is another great suggestion and I have something to add to this. I know with my son he has one medication that he takes different doses at different times of the day. The pediatric cardiologist and I have adjusted this dose via email/over cell phone several times ( you know you know the doctor too well when you start communicating via email). I have found over the years unfortunately those quick medication changes made over the phone or via email have sometimes gotten left out of Gray’s chart. I always make a note of the date and the change we made so I can take it to the cardiologist when we go. It helps to remind him what Gray is currently on and it helps me to sound like I do have it correct when I have my notes.

    We love our doctor and one of the reasons we love him is because he is accessible. We started out at the big place where Grays chart would be in one place, his nurse another and doctor on the phone without either. It drove me crazy. Of course now that things are on the computer I guess that would not be such an issue! I still think we need to take notes and I am trying to teach Gray to do this as well.

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