What’s going on with Urban Meyer?

That GASP you heard a few hours ago occurred when University of Florida football Coach Urban Meyer unexpectedly announced that he was resigning after the Sugar Bowl. It was completely unexpected and speculation turned to what would – or could – cause a highly successful and respected football coach to just suddenly step down.

Meyer has lived for years with a cyst in his head that becomes inflamed and causes headaches when he becomes excited, stressed, or angry.Those three emotions describes a coach’s life, but he has learned not to get so agitated as to cause himself problems. So that’s probably not it.

After the SEC Championship Game, Meyer was admitted to the hospital with  dehydration but was later revealed to include chest pains.He even suffered a heart attack during the football season.

ESPN is reporting that Coach Meyer is stepping down because of a “heart valve muscle defect”, while The Orlando Sentinel contends that is untrue – there is no official diagnosis yet. Early reports of any event are confusing, and it is often best to apply the 24 Hour Rule: Any news reporting within 24 hours of an unexpected/major event should be considered speculation.

Whatever the problem is – and I am hopeful that it is NOT a CHD – it has to be serious to make a man turn his back on such a job. No matter where life’s journey leads Coach Meyer, I wish him all the best.

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