New CHD Video

Here’s a video made by my friend Shannon, who is mom to two wonderful kids, both facing health challenges. The song is Only You Can Love Me This Way, by Keith Urban.


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3 Responses to “New CHD Video”

  1. Marie Says:

    You tell an amazing story in pictures. It’s so wonderful to see the strength in your family. My daughter has a “superheart” too. She’s now 8. Living strong and healthy. We treasure every moment and I can see that you do as well!

  2. Rhonda LYle Says:

    I love this.. Thanks for sharing..It has blessed me so..Is there a way for us to repost or would she mind?? I would like to share it so everyone could see ….Spread Awareness..


  3. John MacEachern Says:

    Wonderful pictures, wonderful song…Perhaps we could make it the International Theme song for congenital Heart Patients..Thank you for sharing everything…it all helps in creating awareness.

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