Olympic Committee beats up CHD survivors

Well don’t this just about take all!

Our friends to the North – the Canadian Congenital Heart Alliance (CCHA) – have a great logo. It’s a torch, and the “flame” coming out of this torch is an upside down heart. CCHA’s torch has been burning since 2004.

Until now. The CCHA recently received a letter from The Canadian Olympic Committee (COC), of all places. It seems the Olympians are really confused, and somehow think that you (the general public) can’t tell the difference between the Canadian Congenital Heart Alliance’s torch logo and the Olympic Flame!

You have got to be kidding me!

Creekside, a website covering this nontroversy, hit the correct amount of sarcasm when they wrote:

Well you can see the Olympic Committee’s point. Just imagine thousands upon thousands of tourists trudging up the stairs to the CCHA’s suite in Oakville Ontario only to discover that the congenital heart patient advocacy group has no luge, no ski hills, no skating rinks, nor even any of those peculiar hello kitty mascots. What an embarrassment for Canada that would be.

But it gets even better! The COC have filed a protest with Canada’s trademark office – long after the fact. The way I understand it, you have to protest a trademark within one year of the mark being filed. CCHA has been using their torch for six years now, so you’d think the protest period is long closed. But apparently if you are the Canadian Olympic Committee, you don’t have to play by the rules. You just say “Hey! That group is using a torch logo! That’s not fair!” And since you are the biggest game in town, everyone is supposed to kiss your butt.

If you read the letter from the Canadian Olympic Committee (.pdf file) you’ll see that COC proposes a “resolution” to the “problem” that looks more like a list of demands. I hate to tell you this, Canadian friends: To the average person, it looks like a bunch of thugs are running your Olympic Committee’s Legal Department.

Honest men and women living under the Maple Leaf Flag need to step in and restore some sanity to the world. The first (and best) thing you can do is convince the COC to just drop this matter. Nobody likes a bully, and this certainly has the appearance of the big, strong Olympians doing their best to pick a fight with the Congenital Heart Defect survivors. A full page ad in the major newspapers apologizing to the Canadian Congenital Heart Alliance for the “misunderstanding” would be a nice touch, also.

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6 Responses to “Olympic Committee beats up CHD survivors”

  1. The Twenty Twelve Games Says:

    […] rest is here: Olympic Committee beats up CHD survivors « Adventures of a Funky … canadian-congenital, canadian-olympic, ccha, chd, coc, congenital, funky-heart, heart, […]

  2. John MacEachern Says:

    Thank you so much for your support. We’ve been receiving support not only from across Canada but from around the world.

  3. Karen Thurston Chavez Says:

    Wow! The COC’s “concerns” are the most ridiculous things I have seen in a very long time. Looking at the two logos side by side and saying they look even remotely similar is like putting an apple and banana on the table and saying, “gee, I’m not sure which is which.” Seriously?

  4. Dale Egan Says:

    Just can’t fathom the colossal waste of time and resources being expended by the Olympic committee on this.

    Keep working on keeping up the awareness –

  5. Brian Caza Says:

    What a joke our Olympic Committee is. First of all, they make Canada look like we are nothing but eskimos and natives, our medals look like rejects out of the Canadian Mint, the olympic torch looks like a marijuana joint being taken out of a druggies pocket, and now this?

    As a board member of the Heart Defects Society, I will be bringing this to the attention of our board and will also see what we as an organization can do to help out in this time of injustice.

    Stay the course John, help will be on its way soon!

    Maybe a protest at the COC head office in Toronto would be a good idea?

    Brian Caza
    Heart Defects Society of Windsor and Essex County

  6. Shannon Says:

    Seriously?! I’m not sure how those two images could EVER be confused. Some people just need something to argue about.

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