Update on Zeb

Zeb is doing better! The chest tube has been removed and the doctors are making noises about his coming home in a day or two! It can’t happen too soon, because the young man is scooping up all of the attention! His nurses are crazy about the little guy!

But we have a problem – Zeb doesn’t want to take his medication! That’s not good at all – some think that after being in pain a few nights ago, he now believes that the medication actually causes the pain… whenever it is time for meds, Zeb turns into a clam. Nuttin’ is getting past those lips, no way, no how!

Hopefully he will realize that his medication is a very important part of getting well and he’ll be on his way back home soon.

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One Response to “Update on Zeb”

  1. Rhonda Lyle Says:

    Thanks so much Steve! We really really appreciate you sending out prayers for Zbug . Tonight his heart rate was increasing and the Dr. is certain that it is he is masking pain and he is still locking up that mouth like you wouldn’t believe with the meds. It is a challenge. I hope he will start doing this better, I am stressed especially now that I know he is in pain more than he lets on. You wouldn’t believe all the bribes he has gotten to take his meds. He had his nurse tonight pushing him around the unit in the mini car. LOL…thanks again.. we will see what tommorow holds…I know GOD IS IN CONTROL!!

    Rhonda 🙂 …

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