LIVE Heart Transplant!

I was searching the American College of Cardiology meeting posts on Twitter and came across this tweet from Euan Sharp:

Called for heart transplant @ 1:29am. In hospital getting prepped. Let’s hope it’s third time lucky!!

… and there hasn’t been anything else since.

Euan has a Twitter account ( ) so you can follow him as we wait for an update. And keep him in your thoughts!

Go Euan! Third time is the charm!


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2 Responses to “LIVE Heart Transplant!”

  1. Uel McAdorey Says:

    I hate to tell you this, but Euan didn’t make it. He passed away during the operation.

    Free at last, Monster Doggie.

    • Steve Says:

      I had learned that through another contact and was very sad to hear of that outcome. If you happen to know any of his family, please tell them that those of us living with heart defects down here in the states offer our best wishes.

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