Friday Music: The Load Out

For Anthony, who got a new heart on March 26, 2009.
And for Paul Cardall.
And Euan Sharp.

Sung to the Tune of “The Load Out” by Jackson Browne.

Now the halls are all empty
Visiting hours ended long ago

All the patients have settled down
And she’s the first to come and last to leave
Looking for what can’t be found
Tonight the patients are alright
Waiting for their time
And she always tells them to never give up
And they’re so sweet–
But now she can hear the sound
Of a telephone loud and clear

And that’s the sound she loves to hear

Now call the Surgeon and wake up the flight team
Prep the gear and check it all again,

‘Cause when it comes to moving fast
You know you guys always win

But when everything’s been packed away
We’ve got one more call to make
So just make sure you are all set to roll
Before I let the family know.

Now the plane is on the way
And the patient is ready to go

We’ve got to fly all night
and save a heart in Chicago
or Detroit, I don’t know

We’ll go anywhere we need to go
And all hospitals just look the same
We just pass the time in the corner of the room
Trying not to get in the way

Till our turn comes and we receive the heart
And then we’re on our way home

Now we got extra ice and saline on the plane

We’ve got the surgeons on the telephone
We’ve got Air Traffic Control on the radio
We’ve got time to think about what we do

Carrying your life in our hands
And you’ve got time to be with the ones you love

While the miles just roll away
But the only thing that isn’t fair
Is we never get to see your face.

People you’ve got the power over what we do
You can sit there and wait
Or you can pull us through

So come along, pray us home
With your help we can’t go wrong
‘Cause when that morning sun cracks the sky
You’re going to wake up with a new lease on life
But we’ll be scheduled to appear
A thousand miles away from here…

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One Response to “Friday Music: The Load Out”

  1. Sharon Elsberry Says:

    Good morning Steve!
    Great song…Amazing job…Wonderful spirit!! We are all in God’s hand each and every day. I have really enjoyed following your posts…Thank you again for coming to Tallahassee and sharing your story! I am proud to call you my friend! Enjoy this beautiful day!!

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