New Pulse Oximeter receives FDA Approval

There’s a new Pulse Oximeter available that has just received approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It not only measures the amount of oxygen in your blood, but your pulse rate, hemoglobin level, and your blood glucose level!

Released in March 2009, the NBM-200MP accomplishes all this through blood flow occlusion – using a small ring like device to temporarily block  blood flow – to produce more accurate results. And what a lot people don’t know is that PulseOx readings are wildly inaccurate when the patient has low blood oxygen.

But that problem won’t affect this new Pulse Oximeter. A Clinical Trial showed that the NBM-200MP continually gave accurate results even when a standard Pulse Oximeter couldn’t. The standard PulseOx couldn’t even give a reading more than half the time. A second Clinical Trial (It’s on the same page as the first Clinical Trial; just page down) showed that in cases of low blood perfusion, the NBM-200MP gave accurate results 100% of the time while the brand of Pulse Oximeter normally used by the participating hospital continually gave a false reading or no reading at all.

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