Isaac is having surgery today at Duke Children’s Hospital! I met Isaac and his mom at the Saving Little Hearts CHD Symposium I attended last year, he’s a pretty cool kid. He has to be at the hospital at 8:30 AM Eastern Time (1230 GMT) and he’s the second scheduled operation of the day. I’ll be updating when I find out what’s going on, so keep refreshing this page!

11:04 AM: No update as of yet. Surgical schedules do run late, I’ll keep checking!

12:48 PM: First update! Things were going really slow – Isaac was called back to the Prep Room at 11:30 AM! He’s finally in the Operating Room.

1:14 PM: Surgery has begun!

3:23 PM: Surgery still going on, everything seems to be under control. Isaac’s mom is beside herself waiting! Keep thinking about both of them, please!

6:21 PM: THE SURGERY IS OVER! The Surgeon said everything went exactly as planned. Isaac is on a ventilator and is in Recovery; his mom is on her way to see him right now!

She’ll probably report once she sees him; if nothing unusual is going on I’ll end this post after that update.

11:48 PM: A final update from Isaac’s mom: HE’S PINK!

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2 Responses to “Isaac”

  1. Joye Says:

    hey steve! do you have a website address for Isacc? i’d love to connect with another Duke friend!

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