9:15 PM Eastern Time/0215 GMT: I just posted tonight’s entry…. and then I took it down. We’ve got news coming in that the Transplant Team in Loma Linda has found a heart for Gabriella!

I’ll update until I go to bed, or you can follow Gabriella and her mom by going to her blog. And be sure to leave your best wishes in their comment section – let them know that a lot of people are pulling for them!

(Gabriella’s local time: 6:15 PM)

Update 9:35 PM Eastern: Just saw a report on Twitter that Gabriella goes into surgery at 7:15 local time – less than one hour!

Update 10:10 PM Eastern: Gabriella is being taken down to the Operating Room right now.

Update 12:09 AM Tuesday, Eastern Time: Gabriella’s mom promises to update when she hears from the surgical team but there is nothing to report yet. I am going to go to bed; if I get up during the night I will check for updates. Hopefully we will know more in the morning.

Update 12:19 AM Tuesday, Eastern Time: New update just in! “Surgery just started, everything going well.”

Update 6:18 AM Tuesday, Eastern Time: An update on Gabriella’s blog filed at 2:34 AM California Time (5:34 AM Eastern Time) says that the operation is over and Gabriella is back in her room!

Gabriella’s mom and dad filed nine updates total during the night… Head over to her blog and read the entire story! And be sure to say good morning and “Happy Heart-day!” to this brave little girl and her parents!

And with this Wonderful news I’ll end today’s entry!


2 Responses to “STOP THE PRESSES!”

  1. Rhonda Lyle Says:

    How Amazing and what a precious little girl! Prayers

  2. “Get outta here, kid!” « Adventures of a Funky Heart! Says:

    […] By Steve Gabriella had her heart transplant on May 17 (We followed her progress HERE) and on May 25th, her doctors kicked her to the […]

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