I’ve worn my Kryptonian at Heart T-Shirt several times, but I have noticed that it has gotten different reactions from different people. In case you forgot, fellow CHDer Jason saw this shirt at a comic convention and just had to have one. When I saw it, I had to get one too.

The interesting thing about this shirt is the reaction you get. I wore it one day while hanging out with a group of heart-healthy friends.

Kryptonian at Heart

There were a couple of smirks and a little laughter, and one friend asked me “Superman fan, huh?” ( I prefer Batman. With no superpowers, Batman’s primary weapon is his brain. I have one of those, too!)

But I also wore it to an informal reception held just after Lobby Day. This reception took place the night after our Lobby Day effort and was a both a celebration of the day’s events and a preview of Vision 2020. A lot of the attendees were leaving in the morning, so it was also an unofficial good-bye party.

The reaction of my fellow CHDers was amazing. “I need a shirt like that!” More than one person said. Several people asked me where I got it – no problem remembering that; the name of the company is printed on the sleeve. I even got a couple of “threats” to literally peel my shirt off of my body! (At least, I think that they were joking!)

They took a look at Superman’s S shield hiding behind the human ribs and saw what I saw. Although all our stories are slightly different, we’ve all been cut on, knocked down, knocked out, too sick to move, poked, prodded, and connected to just about every monitor that there is, yet somehow we managed to fight back. They saw not a comic book hero, but themselves.

My buddies back home still think I’m a Superman fan. That’s fine, they are great people and I couldn’t make it without their friendship. But the Cardiac Kids and the Heart Warriors that I know see that shirt and they see their own heart – the heart of a true hero.

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5 Responses to “Perspective”

  1. Eliza Says:

    …and when they see it on you, they see the S on the heart as you with *your* super heart, your super set of advocacy & empathy skills!

    …interestingly, I took my senior year picture wearing a Superman shirt. 😉

  2. Shannon Carter Says:

    When you did that post about the shirts last time I looked them up and was definitely going to order Derrick one. I was so disappointed to find out that they didn’t have one Derrick would fit in within the next 10 years! If you see any small ones anywhere, you’ll have to let us know. I think all you heart heros, big and small, are Supermen (or women)!! 🙂

  3. Karen Thurston Chavez Says:

    I love this story, Steve!

  4. Kristi Says:

    Definitely need this in kids sizes. I’m going to call tomorrow and see what they can do!

  5. Another CHD T-shirt! « Adventures of a Funky Heart! Says:

    […] Designs. You may remember the t-shirt that I already own, Kryptonian at Heart (the shirt that received quite the reception at a gathering of CHD Survivors in Washington, DC). And now I find this shirt on their website: Catwoman: […]

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