Heading to Houston!

Get Heart Force One ready to fly, the Funky Heart is heading to Houston, Texas to participate in Hearts Re-United 2010, sponsored by Hypoplastic Right Hearts!

A medical conference and family vacation for families coping with Hypoplastic Right Heart Syndrome, Hearts Re-United 2010 will be held July 23 and 24, 2010. Attendees will be housed at the Hyatt Regency Houston. Medical Presentations will be featured Friday and Saturday mornings with group activities during the evening, including the option to attend a Houston Astros baseball game!

Also, I will be making a Presentation Saturday morning and will also be part of an Adult Survivors Panel later that day. As always I plan to live blog the event, so you can “look over my shoulder” as the day goes along. The hotel has Wi-Fi, but the medical meetings are being held in other locations that might not have internet access. As always, if there is no internet available I will take notes and post that night.

I enjoy meeting other members of the CHD family, and I think they enjoy meeting me. When people (especially young parents) learn that I am 43  and doing well, they seem to be reassured that their child can make it; he or she does have a good chance to grow up and have a wonderful life. And get this – I am a little bit shy when I first meet you, but I warm up pretty quick! And when I start talking about beating CHDs, you almost have to put tape over my mouth to get me to be quiet!

So I think it’s going to be a lot of fun in Texas, meeting Heart Moms and Heart Dads and hanging out with the Cardiac Kids. I’ll post regularly, as always, but why don’t you make plans to join us? They say that Texas is a friendly place, I’m sure they’ll be happy to set a place at the table for you!

See you there!

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