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I read a lot of medical blogs every day looking for information to pass along to Funky Heart! readers, and when I found  StorytellERdoc he quickly became one of my favorites. There is no doubt about it, the doc can write. Today’s entry deals with children who have a Chronic Illness and their parents. StorytellERdoc has been there himself:

One of our amazing ER nurses, Kathy, the mother of a son with cystic fibrosis, said it best when Cole was first diagnosed. “Welcome to the ‘Parents-Of-A-Sick-Child Club’,” she whispered in my ear while hugging me. “It’s a club that no parent would ever want to belong to,” she continued, “but one that will change your life forever.”

No doubt about that. You wanted the 2 kids and a picket fence that is the dream of every parent. What you got was a full-scale war. You’ll have to learn skills that have absolutely nothing to do with your chosen career, take a crash course in Medicine, learn a foreign language (yes, “Doctor-talk” is a foreign language!) and unless you are lucky enough to live close to a major medical facility, you’ll have to become your own travel agent. But somehow you manage to dig your heels in and push back; you fight for what is yours and you hold on. That’s all you can do.

In the ER, when I meet the parents of an ill child, especially a prolonged, chronic illness, my utmost respect and compassion flows outward in tidal waves. I can only imagine the heartbreak and the struggles they have known in dealing with the fight for their child’s life, trying to obtain just a wee bit of normalcy.

It is a war that won’t be covered on the evening news, and can barely be put into words. Only a chosen few – members of The Club – understand. StorytellERdoc is a member of the club. Go, and read his account of one family’s  battle.

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