Coming soon to a computer near you!

On Tuesday, June 15, 2010, Adventures of a Funky Heart! will host GRAND ROUNDS, the weekly blog carnival that highlights the best medical writing in the Blogosphere! This is one of the few times that Grand Rounds has been hosted by a non-medical website – it’ll be a lot of fun to have everyone dropping by!

What is a “Blog Carnival”, exactly? It’s almost like an online magazine: a collection of links to posts on various blogs all built around a single theme. The name comes from a blog named Carnival of the Vanities, one of the first blogs to gather links together as a theme.

Funky Heart! has hosted a Congenital Heart Defect Blog Carnival before, click HERE to read it and get a good feel for what a Blog Carnival looks like. You can also catch this week’s edition of Grand Rounds at MDiTV.

Entry guidelines for this edition of Grand Rounds can be foundby clicking  THIS LINK.


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