Heart of the Game

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“We can be heroes, just for one day…”Heroes, David Bowie

He’s back!

Adventures of a Funky Heart! first noticed Erik Compton back in March of 2009, when the professional golfer and two-time heart transplant recipient (That’s right – not one, but TWO heart transplants!) played twenty holes of golf with Cardiac Kid John Paul George as his sidekick.  The pair walked onto the course like two gunslingers at High Noon and for a while, Erik had the entire PGA on the run. We haven’t heard much from Erik since then, not through any fault of his own. The Funky Heart has many interests, but golf isn’t one of them. As baseball star Rogers Hornsby once said, “When I hit the ball, I want someone else to chase it down!”

Erik has had his ups and downs since then: he has qualified for four PGA tournaments, only to be frustrated by his heart. Erik does well enough to qualify but then by Sunday, he’s exhausted. His score goes up like a rocket and he falls further and further behind. Last week Erik considered skipping the next tournament qualifier (Not having a PGA Tournament card yet, Erik has to play his way into the weekend match.) But he changed his mind and entered – and promptly found himself in a shootout. Thirty six holes of golf will wear anyone out, but the match ended with a three-way tie. Two would go to the tournament. But this time was different, as Erik took one of the last two slots.

Oh… I haven’t mentioned which golf tournament he qualified for? You may have heard of it – Erik Compton will tee it up in the U.S. Open held at Pebble Beach.

Considering the accomplishments of Paul Cardall and Erik Compton, it looks like a good month for heart transplant recipients!

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3 Responses to “Heart of the Game”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    This name augers well for our Clarence Compton!

  2. Nicholas Fogelson Says:

    Yeah Erik played awesome to make it into the Open. Good luck to him!

    >> Not having a PGA Tournament card yet, Erik has to play his way into the weekend match.

    PGA tour tournaments are always 4 days. After the first two days there is a cut down to the best 70 or so players in the field. The players that are cut go home and make no money, the continuing players play for their final positions and share of the cash. Full PGA tour members still have to start at the beginning of this process in each tournament – nobody is immune to the cut. Tiger has been cut only 6 times in his career, which is ridiculously few.

    Because Erik doesn’t have a PGA tour card, he has to play his way into the _tournament_ by playing a Monday Qualifier, or be offered an exemption into the tournament by one of the tournament sponsors. I think most of his entries have been by this latter route. Non PGA members can get into a limited number of tournaments this way (six times a year I think)

    • Steve Says:

      Didn’t know all that, Nicholas! Thank you!

      Golf is not my game, but I’ll be watching and checking the results this weekend, that’s for sure!


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